Capital Express continues to stay on the cutting-edge of technology by adopting the most technologically advanced transportation, distribution, logistics and courier management system.

Capital Express Technology Offerings

  • Real time online¬†shipment tracking
  • Email or fax upon the delivery of your shipment
  • Online order entry
  • API, EDI, easy interface in all formats
  • Online invoice review
  • GPS capability
  • Barcode scanning
  • Electronic signature capture

Capital Express uses the latest industry software to provide improved levels of service, with increased flexibility. Real time information and tracking of shipments regardless of service level. Online order entry for on-demand orders is easy & efficient.

Smart phones and tablets with blue tooth scanning capability increase productivity throughout the delivery process.

Delivering the packages is only a portion of the customer’s needs today. Equally important is providing real-time information to the customer and continuing to move toward a paperless service.

Monte O'Hara

CEO, Capital Express

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