Medical & Lab Logistics

Capital Express is the largest, and most experienced, medical logistics provider in the Midwest Region. We are a full-service transportation and logistics company to the medical industry throughout our nine-state region.

Why Choose Capital Express?

Our  medical logistics services have replaced in-house fleets, saving our customers money and resources. Through carefully designed and dedicated routes, we have optimized service to reach clinics quickly, even if they are located in remote places. We utilize existing and conjunctive route structure to gain efficiency and reduce costs.

Customer-rated on-time service performance on 88,300 medical-related, time-sensitive deliveries: 99.9875%

Our Medical Courier Specialties

  • Specimen and blood transportation
  • Temperature controlled shipments: refrigerated, frozen & ambient
  • X-rays and patient files
  • HIPAA & JAHCO Compliant
  • CAP Awareness
  • Instrument & equipment transportation
  • Blood-borne pathogen qualified, trained, and tested drivers

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