For deliveries in Georgia, Courier Connection has several delivery time options available. The best option for a company with infrequent deliveries is one of the demand courier services. There are four different kinds of demand courier services available. For businesses that need frequent deliveries, however, the best option is probably going to be the scheduled delivery service. Packages are commonly delivered in a mere three to four hours. With the scheduled delivery service, the customer gets to decide the time and the date of delivery.

The normal delivery service ensures that packages are delivered within two hours of order placement. For those who need even faster delivery, however, 1.5 service can be required. This, as the name suggests, provides packages delivered within 1.5 hours. If an hour and a half is still too slow for your courier needs, there is also a rush delivery service available. This service will deliver the customer’s package within the hour. The quickest option available is direct service. This service is for those who have absolutely no time to waste. Direct delivery service is when the package is picked up 20 minutes after order placement. The package is then delivered right away.

For deliveries that are not local, Courier Connection has two more options. These options include: Courier Connection’s NFO service and a FedEx pickup and delivery option as well. The FedEx option is not available on the weekends. On weekdays it is available up until 8:30 at night. If you chose this option, Courier Connection will bring your package to the airport for you. If you chose the NFO service, however, Courier Connection will place your package on the soonest departing flight. With this option, delivery is usually made in 2-4 hours.