Aladdin had it easy; he just rubbed the lamp and got whatever he wanted delivered on the spot.  Well, Capital Express is your genie; ready with superior same-day and rush delivery services, taking your last-minute emergencies and turning them into business happenings…every day.

Rub the lamp – or if the lamp is not around, call us or click on our website – and experience the magic yourself.  Our lightning-fast emergency shipment services offer 3-hour, 2-hour, even 1-hour delivery for your emergency packages and shipments.  We offer same day delivery on this coast-or even on the other one!  We offer daily special fast service to hospitals, offices, banks and financial institutions, and you ought to see us speed through our regular routes!  We leave behind a sand dune’s worth of successful stops, and extremely satisfied customers.

Or, if you are REALLY in a bind (and what business doesn’t experience that once in a while?) we have Priority, the one that gets your delivery there RIGHT NOW, WOW-traveling point to point at top genie speed.  Our highly skilled and professional delivery men will get it to its destination with no stops, no pauses and no wasted breath.  Actually, it isn’t fair to call them genies; you couldn’t even get Aladdin’s genie to pull that one off!