In order to provide the best possible courier services to our customers, Capital Express utilizes a region-wide system of Independent Contractors to facilitate our customer’s deliveries. This business model provides the ability for independent entrepreneurs to create thriving businesses for themselves, their families and for Capital Express’ customers to receive the best possible service in the industry. 

Through 24 years of warehousing services, trucking services and distribution service, working with literally hundreds of contractors, we make sure to work with the very best. We research every contractor to make sure that every client of ours will receive reliable service from dependable couriers. The process of becoming a Capital Express Independent Contractor includes a background check, driving record and a drug test as well. Our clients can rest easy knowing that all due diligence has been done when it comes to the factor of honesty and reliability.

Capital Express fosters healthy competition among their drivers by maintaining a Contractor of the Quarter and Year program.  This program is in its fifteenth year and has proven to be very successful for our Contractors, Customers and for Capital Express.  This program provides recognition to the dedicated contractors that are providing their customers with the highest level of service possible and is based upon customer input. Some of our outstanding Independent Contractors have been providing their services for more than 18 years, with an average of 9 years experience for each contractor. The Capital Express team is an experienced group which provides unrivaled service in this industry.

At this time, Capital Express wishes to provide a very sincere THANK YOU…and wish a wonderful Holiday Season to all those hardworking contractors that help make each and every day a success.

We look forward to letting you know who received the Contractor of the Year award in our next newsletter, please keep watching right here.

Everyone at Capital Express, Inc. wishes you and those you love a very Safe and Happy Holiday Season !