Today, Tuesday, November 28 2017, many of us are heading back to work after a long holiday weekend, still bloated from Thanksgiving feasts and light on cash after shopping during Black Friday and Cyber Monday’s blockbuster sales. What’s the cure for this overconsumption hangover? #GivingTuesday, of course!

#GivingTuesday is a 24-hour day of giving that will help you refocus on what’s important and support the causes you care about.

Here at Capital Express we believe in the old adage “it is better to give than to receive” so in addition to our giving efforts today we wanted to give those who follow us 5 quick tips on how to participate in such a “feel-good” day!

  1. Donate to a nonprofit.
    It’s no secret that one of the most impactful things you can do to support the causes you care about is give money. It may feel better to donate clothes, canned goods, or other material items, but the reality for most nonprofit organizations is that money is what’s needed the most. Nonprofits need to fund their programs, keep their lights on, and pay their staff in order to keep doing their important work. That being said, resources, times & effort are as important as ever for those organizations – so giving what you can makes all of the difference!
  2. Start a fundraiser.
    If you want to help your favorite nonprofit in a more hands-on way, you can start a fundraiser for them.
    Never hosted a fundraiser before? It’s as easy as telling a story about why this cause is important to you. Once you’ve told that story, the hard work is done, you just get to share that personal story with family and friends. Many platforms are available to help you start and host your fundraiser for free!
  3. Get active on social media.
    In 2016, most Americans use at least one social media platform, with many of us using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat all in the same day. Helping a cause on #GivingTuesday can be as simple as sharing a post.
    Think it sounds crazy that your social media post would matter? Well, the efforts nonprofit organizations make to promote their fundraiser are limited to their existing list of donors, email subscribers, and followers on social media. That can be a pretty limited pool. But by sharing a post, or writing a post encouraging your friends and followers to donate to your favorite nonprofit on #GivingTuesday, you’re helping the nonprofit reach people they may have never been able to reach. And if those people share with their friends, and so on and so on, you can see how a post from you can have a huge impact.
  4. Volunteer
    Time is money, as they say, and one meaningful way you can participate in #GivingTuesday is volunteering. If you have a favorite cause, give them a call or write them an email to see if they have a need for volunteers to help with their #GivingTuesday campaign. There are lots of ways you might be able to use your skills to help your favorite charity’s #GivingTuesday campaign. Helping with day-to-day tasks at the nonprofit, like walking dogs at an animal shelter or helping office staff answer phones, can also be a huge help!
  5. Enjoy the day!!
    Social media can be a depressing & often dreaded part of ones day…look for all of the posts today that celebrate such an amazing campaign and bask in the glow of all of the positivity on all forms of social media today.

Tell us, how are you giving back today?

Happy Giving Tuesday from all of us at Capital Express!